May 30, 2007

Teamwork Towers

Above: Tyler S., Tim C., and Cody B. work silently to steady their tower.

We have been learning a whole lot of things in Mr. Walkers English class this summer, and today, after we finished writing our essays, we played a constructive game called Teamwork Towers in groups. Mr. Walker gave each group 14 note cards, 1 rubber band, 3 paper clips, 2 binder clips, and told us that with these items we had to try to build the tallest tower. The only rule was that we could not communicate vocally to each other. We could only use hand motions. Then, we repeated the activity, only the second time we were allowed to talk to each other. The winners for the first round had a 16" tower, but for the second round the tallest tower was 20.5" tower. We all had a great time and learned that it is easier to communicate when you use spoken language.

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